• Tire Reclaimed Rubber Can Produce High Quality Rubber Products?

    With the popularization and development of the automobile industry, the annual output of waste tires is growing. The development of tire reclaimed rubber production technology and technology has become the only way to solve the pollution of used tires. Therefore, there are more and more types of ...
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  • Application Skills Of Tire Reclaimed Rubber In Light Tire

    The tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tires has a low price. The proportion of 100 parts of tire reclaimed rubber instead of 30 parts of raw rubber is recycled to light tires, which reduces the production cost of light tires, but does not represent the tire reclaimed rubber in the produc...
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  • Attend Rubber Tech Vietnam  26-28/ 06 / 2019

    Attend Rubber Tech Vietnam 26-28/ 06 / 2019

    Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Plastic & Rubber Exhibition PlasTech is an international rubber and plastics professional exhibition, held by Vietnam VEAS company, the annual exhibition, our company attended it on 26-28 / 06 /2019.
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  • Tefal Cuisine Companion can make stews to sorbets but not the washing up

    From breadmakers to blenders and slow cookers to steamers, most of us have so many kitchen gadgets on our shelves that making dinner has become a minefield. Expensive and fiddly to use, these ‘must-haves’ are often better at gathering dust than helping to cook the supper. Then, in 201...
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  • Will Tire Reclaimed Rubber Expire?

    Items on the market (especially foods) have their own shelf life, or a safe period of use. Exceeding this period is “expired”; for rubber products, the concept of shelf life is vague, but it also has a lifespan. Recycled rubber is no exception. Today,we uses the most used tire reclaimed rubber as...
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  • Qingdao Toplit Industry Co., Ltd

    Qingdao Toplit Industry Co., Ltd

    Qingdao Toplit Industry Co., Ltd hè un òspite cumpleta di gomma riclamò, chimichi gomma e SAS gomma. I nostri prudutti prividia principarmenti Tire riclamò gomma, Latex riclamò gomma, EPDM / NBR riclamò gomma, agenti, Rubber Natural, Gum rosin, devulcanizer Dynamic, cra u valori ...
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  • The Application Of Latex Reclaimed Rubber 2018-08-12

    In a broad sense, the great value of latex reclaimed rubber is to replace natural rubber to produce various rubber products to reduce the cost, or it is a type of reclaimed rubber developed to replace natural rubber. The raw materials of latex reclaimed rubber include light color, variegated wast...
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  • The difference between high strength reclaimed rubber and ordinary reclaimed rubber? 2018-05-20

    High-strength tire reclaimed rubber can replace natural rubber to produce a variety of high-strength, high-wear rubber products, significantly reducing the cost of raw materials, and there is a certain difference from ordinary tire reclaimed rubber. From the name point of view, high-strength recl...
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  • Classification And Definition Of Reclaimed Rubber

    In the latest national standard for reclaimed rubber, the classification of reclaimed rubber in the original GB/T 13460-2008 recycled rubber national standard was changed. In the current national standard for recycled rubber, the recycled rubber has been identified for its rubber composition (Gro...
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  • Tire Reclaimed Rubber Storage Condition And Method

    The raw material of tire reclaimed rubber is waste rubber tire, which is processed by special process. It is a kind of replacement rubber of original rubber. It is the same as all reclaimed rubber (including natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber). The fear is ultraviolet light and...
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