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It can make waste tires into different sizes ribber granules and powders at the same time ,rubber granules and rubber powders size can be customized

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1.Type XK-450 XK-560 XK-610
2.Grooved roller dia. 450mm 560mm 610mm
3.Smooth roller dia. 450mm 510mm 560mm
4.Working length of rollers 760mm 860mm 1000mm
5.Motor power 55KW/75KW 110KW/132KW/160KW 160KW
6.Speed reducer Planetary reducer NGW112/NGW122 ZSY series hardened teethreducer / YJY09/LH1000-53 ZSY series hardened teeth reducer /YJY09/LH1000-73
6. Roller support type: Bearings Bearings Bearings
7.Machine weight Around 11 ton Around 20 ton Around 25 ton
8.production capacity Around 400kgs/h Around 900kg/h Around 1000-1300kg/h

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