लेटेक्स Reclaimed रबर

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लेटेक्स Reclaimed रबर नयाँ बन्द-ग्रेड लेटेक्स पन्जा बाट बनेको छ, यो कुनै पनि impurity बिना, उत्पादन लागि प्राकृतिक रबर प्रतिस्थापन लागि प्रयोग गर्न सकिन्छ छ। यो टायर, भित्री ट्यूब, रबर पाना, रबर वाहक बेल्ट, रबर नली, रबर जूता एकमात्र र यति मा को उत्पादन को लागि उपयुक्त छ।

  • Color: White ,Grey, Red, Yellow,etc
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1Ton
  • Supply ability: 500Tons per month
  • Package: nude / plastic film / woven bag / pallet packing
  • उत्पादन विस्तार

    उत्पादन टैग

    मुख्य प्राविधिक कल्पना .:

     वस्तु  परीक्षण परिणाम
     रबर सामग्री  %  75%
     Mooney चिपचिपाहट  ML100 0सी @ 1 + 4  40-55
     तन्यता बल  mPA  11
     बढाव प्रतिशत  %  600
     विशिष्ट गुरुत्व  <G / 3 सेमी  1.20

    Materials & Application:

    They are made from new medical cork and its offcut.

    They are widely used to produce light-colored car tires, natural inner tubes, light-colored conveyor belts, color sports soles, color cables, colored rubber flooring, hoses, bladders, tapes, extruded and molded rubber products,etc.

    Color Sport Shoe Sole   Colored rubber tape  Colored Cale


    1.Without any impurity, low mooney viscosity, easy to process

    2.Can greatly replace natural rubber during the production to save production cost

    3.High rubber content,reach about 75%

    4.When rubber mixing, desulfurization time is short.

    5.Many colors can be modulated according to customer requirements,like white, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange, black,etc.

    Package & Delivery

    Package details:

    1.In film or in bulk–one  20″ container can load 25000kgs–1250 pcs.  ( 25Tons at most in a 20ft container)

    2.In pallets packing—one 20″container can load 23000kgs–1150 pcs–20 wood pallets

    Delivery time:

    within 7 days after receiving order, usually as per customer’s different order quantities to decide.

    Shipping method:

    by sea for long time sea transportation

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