Application Skills Of Tire Reclaimed Rubber In Light Tire

The tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tires has a low price. The proportion of 100 parts of tire reclaimed rubber instead of 30 parts of raw rubber is recycled to light tires, which reduces the production cost of light tires, but does not represent the tire reclaimed rubber in the production of light tires. The dosage can be up to 100 parts. In order to ensure the safety of light tires, it is necessary to adjust the rubber compound formula of various parts of the light tire containing tire reclaimed rubber, including the proportion of tire reclaimed rubber and the variety and dosage of the compounding agent.

1. The amount of tire reclaimed rubber in light tires

Light tires mainly include treads, sidewalls, beads, etc. Among them, lightweight tire tread rubber is a rubber tire with the outermost layer of the light tire directly contacting the road surface and having a pattern printed on the surface, which has high requirements on the performance of the rubber compound used. Generally controlled between 10-20 parts; reasonable control of the amount of tire reclaimed rubber in the tread rubber is of great significance for improving the quality of light tires.

2. Selection technique of compounding agent in light tire tread rubber

Generally, the lightweight tire tread rubber is mainly made of natural rubber, and a certain proportion of butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, and 10-20 parts of tire reclaimed rubber can significantly reduce the raw material cost. In the formula of lightweight tire tread rubber containing reclaimed rubber, the sulfur vulcanization system can be selected, and the combination of zinc oxide and stearic acid can improve the degree of vulcanization and improve the mechanical strength of the tread rubber. The super wear-resistant carbon black and the high wear-resistant furnace black Combined use can significantly improve the tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance and aging resistance of the tread rubber; use the anti-aging agent RD, anti-aging agent 4010, anti-aging agent H, and delay the aging time of the tread rubber.

The other parts of the light tire have different performance requirements from the tread rubber, but the mechanical strength requirement of the rubber is slightly lower than that of the tread rubber. Therefore, the amount of the tire reclaimed rubber can be appropriately increased, and the light tire rubber compound formula can be reasonably adjusted. When the reclaimed rubber is used in the light tire rubber compound, the proportion of the tire reclaimed rubber is different, and the type and amount of the compounding agent in the formula need to be adjusted in time. For example, high abrasion resistant carbon black and medium super abrasion resistant carbon black can be used in the lightweight tire tread rubber mixed with 10 parts of tire reclaimed rubber; when the amount of tire reclaimed rubber is increased to 20 parts, the medium super wear resistant carbon black can be completely used.

The processing of used tires into recycled rubber through complex production processes has become the main treatment method for waste tires. A large part of the tire reclaimed rubber is reused in tire production, and light tires are only one of them. The tire tread rubber produced from the tire tread rubber powder in the tire reclaimed rubber product has higher effective rubber hydrocarbon content than other types of reclaimed rubber, and can be used in light tires to further improve the resistance of the lightweight tire tread rubber. The tear strength and flex resistance can increase the amount of tread reclaimed rubber, replace more parts of the original rubber, and reduce more production costs.

Post time: Jul-21-2019