Environmentally friendly rubber products produced from fine recycled rubber

With the development of the rubber industry, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The use of tire recycled rubber instead of natural rubber to produce environmentally friendly rubber products has become the trend today. The use of fine recycled rubber to produce environmentally friendly rubber products not only ensures product quality, It can also reduce raw material costs. Here we introduce the advantages of using fine recycled rubber to produce environmentally friendly rubber products.
Fine environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber is rubber extracted from waste tires. It is mainly composed of waste truck tires with polycalcium grease and tall oil as the main desulfurizing agent. It is a fine environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber produced by a new process of high-pressure dynamic desulfurization. It is produced without pollution. , A new type of raw material for non-radiation and non-permeation export rubber products, this product has passed the EU ROHS environmental protection certification. No harmful gas will be released during the vulcanization and heating process of producing rubber products, which reduces the physical damage to vulcanization workers.
The environmentally friendly rubber products produced with fine recycled rubber have the characteristics of high tensile strength, smooth and delicate surface, and are also suitable for various extruded or molded environmentally friendly rubber products. Products made with fine reclaimed rubber as raw materials fit with other rubber materials, do not return yellow, and do not change color, etc. It has no impurities, no migration, good plasticity, environmental protection and no taste. It is mixed with chemical raw materials and parked for 12 to 24 Use after hours can achieve better results, and improve the tear resistance and aging resistance of rubber products, and achieve the dual purpose of reducing production costs.

Post time: Jun-23-2020