The Application Of Latex Reclaimed Rubber 2018-08-12

In a broad sense, the great value of latex reclaimed rubber is to replace natural rubber to produce various rubber products to reduce the cost, or it is a type of reclaimed rubber developed to replace natural rubber. The raw materials of latex reclaimed rubber include light color, variegated waste natural rubber, waste natural rubber products, and waste latex products, such as natural rubber waste rubber cups and waste latex inspection gloves. However, there are still great differences in the use of latex reclaimed rubber with different raw materials. What are the specific uses of latex reclaimed rubber?

In terms of color, the latex reclaimed rubber on the market is mostly white and grey, and is mixed with a small amount of red latex reclaimed rubber, yellow/black latex reclaimed rubber, etc., in which white latex reclaimed rubber is generally used to replace natural rubber to produce white, Light color and color rubber products are easy to match; black latex reclaimed rubber is used to produce black or other dark color natural rubber products to reduce raw material cost; color latex reclaimed rubber can be used to produce colored rubber products of corresponding colors.

From the point of view of the amount of rubber, the high-glued latex reclaimed rubber has high tensile strength and high elongation at break. It is used to replace high-grade rubber products such as sports soles, children’s tires, cable and wire sheaths, and bladders. Etc., or high-strength rubber products such as conveyor belts, V-belts, tire tires; low-glued white latex reclaimed rubber can be regarded as a substitute for “white regeneration” prevailing in the 1990s, containing a lot of light calcium. It can be used to produce some light/colored rubber mats, rubber hammers, rubber sheets, shock absorbing blocks, friction parts, etc., which have low requirements on physical and mechanical properties, and significantly reduce raw material costs.

From the main body of the material, latex reclaimed rubber can be used as the main raw material of natural rubber products, or can be used in natural rubber in a small amount. Under normal circumstances, the high-index latex reclaimed rubber can completely replace the natural rubber to produce rubber products in a ratio of 1:1. The latex reclaimed rubber with a slightly lower rubber content is used to replace the natural rubber with more parts to ensure the quality of the products. It can also significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; or use high-grade rubber products in combination with natural rubber; the main raw materials of some low-grade rubber products can also be low-glued latex reclaimed rubber, which is low in price and is more conducive to reducing raw material costs.

Latex reclaimed rubber can replace various natural rubbers to produce extruded rubber products or molded rubber products with various indexes and different colors. Rubber products manufacturers should select suitable latex reclaimed rubber products according to the specific needs of their own natural rubber products.

Post time: Aug-12-2018