The difference between high strength reclaimed rubber and ordinary reclaimed rubber? 2018-05-20

High-strength tire reclaimed rubber can replace natural rubber to produce a variety of high-strength, high-wear rubber products, significantly reducing the cost of raw materials, and there is a certain difference from ordinary tire reclaimed rubber. From the name point of view, high-strength reclaimed rubber is a very strong tire reclaimed rubber, so what is the difference between high-strength tire reclaimed rubber and ordinary tire reclaimed rubber from raw materials, indicators, production and use?

1. Different raw materials: The raw materials of high-strength tire reclaimed rubber are generally more than 900 tire tire tread rubber powder. There are hard requirements for waste tire raw materials, and the quality of high-strength tire reclaimed rubber is guaranteed on the basis; the raw materials of common reclaimed rubber are all Fetal rubber powder, including tread, sidewall and other parts, waste tires can be.

2.The indicators are different: the tensile strength of high-strength tire reclaimed rubber is 10-15Mpa, the tensile strength of ordinary tire reclaimed rubber is less than 10Mpa; the raw material of high-strength tire reclaimed rubber is tire tread rubber powder, the product contains rubber Higher and better wear resistance.

3. The fineness is different: the high-strength reclaimed rubber has a fineness of more than 40 mesh, although it can not be compared with the fineness of the ultra-fine reclaimed rubber, but for the ordinary reclaimed rubber, the surface of the rubber product produced by using the high-strength tire reclaimed rubber To smooth the light more.

4. Different production processes: High-strength reclaimed rubber is manufactured by Belgian equipment and the most advanced high-strength segmental desulfurization process. Its production process is more stringent than ordinary reclaimed rubber in processes such as crushing, magnetic separation and impurity removal.

5.Different uses: tire reclaimed rubber compared with other types of reclaimed rubber, poor tear strength, flex cracking, high-strength reclaimed rubber products, whether it is wear resistance or tear strength, or resistance to flexing Cracking has been greatly improved, can replace natural rubber to produce a variety of black high-strength, high-wear rubber products, such as bridge bearings, engineering rubber, car tires, etc., significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; Production of some molded rubber products that do not require high strength, such as rubber sheets, rubber pads, etc., can reduce the cost of raw materials while meeting the needs of users.

Tire reclaimed rubber not only has high-strength reclaimed rubber, but also environmentally-friendly tire reclaimed rubber, super-fine tire reclaimed rubber, etc. In short, with the continuous progress of reclaimed rubber production technology, tire reclaimed rubber products are more and more, and performance is getting more and more. Well, the scope of use is getting wider and wider.

Post time: May-20-2018