The difference between using EPDM reclaimed rubber and raw rubber to produce products

Under normal circumstances, blooming is caused by improper product formulation design, excessive addition of alkaline chemical raw materials, resulting in insufficient vulcanization of reclaimed rubber. When the same amount of chemical additives are added to the EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM virgin rubber, the reclaimed rubber blooms faster than the original rubber because there are too many chemical additives, mainly due to the following two factors:

1. EPDM reclaimed rubber is usually made of waste EPDM rubber products through special processing, and the waste rubber products themselves contain a certain amount of moisture, softeners, accelerators, etc.;


2. In the desulfurization process of EPDM reclaimed rubber, a large amount of accelerator, zinc oxide, stearic acid, vulcanization, etc. will be added, and the rubber additives are not separated, but remain in the rubber.

Therefore, when using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce zsj rubber products and raw rubber to produce rubber products, we must pay attention to:


1. When designing the formula, consider the amount of softener, vulcanizing agent and accelerator contained in the reclaimed rubber itself. Under the same circumstances, the amount of chemical additives used in hy EPDM reclaimed rubber is less than that of the original rubber directly. The amount of rubber produced;

2. Pay attention to the rubber content of EPDM reclaimed rubber, and replace the original rubber parts according to the rubber content of EPDM reclaimed rubber.

Post time: Dec-21-2020