Tire Reclaimed Rubber Can Produce High Quality Rubber Products?

With the popularization and development of the automobile industry, the annual output of waste tires is growing. The development of tire reclaimed rubber production technology and technology has become the only way to solve the pollution of used tires. Therefore, there are more and more types of tire reclaimed rubber. It is also becoming more and more wide; tire reclaimed rubber has great advantages in raw material source and product price, but there are still some problems in the index, especially in the production of high-grade rubber products; then tire reclaimed rubber can not be used to produce high quality. Rubber products? How to improve the quality of tire reclaimed rubber products and further expand the application range of tire reclaimed rubber?

1. Choose a higher index tire reclaimed rubber

The quality of tire reclaimed rubber products has a great relationship with the quality of tire reclaimed rubber, product formulation and production process conditions. The tire reclaimed rubber itself has determined the quality of finished products to a certain extent; currently the production process and production equipment of tire reclaimed rubber are constantly Improved, ultra-fine reclaimed rubber, environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber, odorless reclaimed rubber, high-strength reclaimed rubber and other products emerge in an endless stream; rubber products manufacturers choose high-strength reclaimed rubber when the tire reclaimed rubber is selected, the surface is smooth. Ultra-fine reclaimed rubber is used for high requirements, and environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber must be used for export-oriented rubber products. In general, tire reclaimed rubber with better index can improve the quality of reclaimed rubber products and produce rubber products with higher indexes.

2. Use other rubber in the tire reclaimed rubber formula

Nowadays, the performance requirements of rubber products are increasing. A single rubber can not meet the actual demand of rubber products. The combination of rubber and rubber is the best solution. The manufacturer of rubber products using tire reclaimed rubber can be used in the formulation. Appropriate amount of other rubber, which can improve the quality of tire reclaimed rubber products, and will not impose too much burden on the cost of rubber products.

(1) tire reclaimed rubber and reclaimed rubber

The tire reclaimed rubber has good compatibility with the latex reclaimed rubber and the isoprene reclaimed rubber. Among them, latex reclaimed rubber is a product of recycling and reprocessing of waste natural rubber and waste latex products. It has high effective rubber hydrocarbon content, high mechanical strength and good elasticity. It can obviously improve the elasticity of tire reclaimed rubber products when used in tire reclaimed rubber products. Physical and mechanical properties; isoprene reclaimed rubber is soft, elastic, aging resistant, high and low temperature resistant, and can be used together with tire reclaimed rubber to improve the overall performance of the rubber compound. For example, in the tire reclaimed rubber tire casing, PP reclaimed rubber can be used together. Improve tire wear resistance, adhesion and so on.

(2) tire reclaimed rubber and natural rubber

Natural rubber has good elasticity and high mechanical strength. It can improve the elasticity, resilience, low temperature softness and physical and mechanical strength of rubber products with a small amount of natural rubber in rubber products with tire reclaimed rubber as the main raw material. In actual production, tire regeneration The rubber sole and the tire reclaimed rubber rubber floor formula can be combined with an appropriate amount of natural rubber to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the finished product.

(3) Combination of tire reclaimed rubber and synthetic rubber

The tire reclaimed rubber can also be used together with a general-purpose synthetic rubber, such as styrene-butadiene rubber to improve the wear resistance, aging resistance and heat resistance of the tire reclaimed rubber product, and prolong the service life of the regenerative rubber product of the tire; the structural structure of the butadiene rubber is regular, cis The structure is more than 95%, and the vulcanized rubber has excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, elastic feel and less heat generation. It can be used in rubber products such as rubber shoes, tapes and tires with tire reclaimed rubber as the main raw material to improve quality. cut costs.

It can be seen that the use of tire reclaimed rubber can also produce high quality rubber products.

Post time: Sep-10-2019