Will Tire Reclaimed Rubber Expire?

Items on the market (especially foods) have their own shelf life, or a safe period of use. Exceeding this period is “expired”; for rubber products, the concept of shelf life is vague, but it also has a lifespan. Recycled rubber is no exception. Today,we uses the most used tire reclaimed rubber as an example, and talks about the shelf life of recycled rubber.

In the national standard, the tire reclaimed rubber has no shelf life, and it is generally not problematic for one to two years of storage; but in a stricter sense, the tire reclaimed rubber also has a shelf life. This “shelf life” is different from the shelf life of the food. Usually refers to the aging time, there is no clear day, its service life is related to the storage condition of the tire reclaimed rubber. If the tire reclaimed rubber is easy to age in the open air exposure environment, the shelf life is about half a year; if it is dry and sealed In time, the time will be much longer.

Therefore, the tire reclaimed rubber “expired” is that it is aging, such as: semi-cooked, outer layer aging, excessive oil volatilization. This is because the reclaimed rubber storage time is too long or improperly stored, resulting in a large loss of oil in the tire reclaimed rubber product, and the gel is hardened. When the “expired” tire reclaimed rubber is opened, it is not easy to make rubber, which brings certain difficulties to the production of rubber products.

Post time: Dec-21-2018