O podjetju

Qingdao TOPLIT Industry Co.,ltd. is a leading manufacture of reclaimed rubber in China. We have 20 sets production lines and 3 factory areas now, our capacity is about 6000 tons in one month. And we pass through the inspection of the state Ministry of Environmental Protection of China .

Production history :since 1998

Factory floor space: around 58000 square meters

Employee number :around 220 persons

Production capacity :70,000 tons per year


Besides reclaimed rubber, we also provide the following products related to reclaimed rubber, mainly include Reclaiming agent, Rubber softener, Gum rosin, Dynamic devulcanizer, Cracker mill, Rubber refining mill, Kneader, Mixing mill ,Calender and Vulcanizing press,etc. which exporting to many countries and areas, such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Brazil etc.

Uživamo dober ugled z razumno ceno, najboljšo kvaliteto in dobro dostave. In iskreno dobrodošlico stranke od doma in v tujini za vzpostavitev dolgoročno in stabilno poslovne odnose in razvoj domačega in mednarodnega trga skupaj na osnovi enakosti in vzajemne koristi.

Strategy Statement:

TOPLIT would be a recognized global organization with a focus on sustainable businesses adjacent to the core business of Reclaim Rubber, including reclaimed rubber chemicals and reclaimed rubber machine ,etc.TOPLIT would achieve this through adoption of new technology focused on producing improved quality reclaim rubber from multiple sources.TOPLIT shall adopt automated process with focus on reduced dependence on manual operations, create a sustainable supply chain and organizational linkage with an aim to be customer centric, while being the preferred employer of choice in the industries it serves.

Podjetje Kultura:

Naše poslanstvo: zaposleni pomoč rastejo, win-win partnerji z roko v roki
Vizija: postati vodilno podjetje, da kupci zanašajo na in štabi radi
Naš odnos: poklic, učinkovitost, timsko delo, strast
Naše storitve cilj: ostati v stiku, pozorno vzdrževanje, za zaradi strank, in naj stranke uspeh

Management concept

Management concept is the essence of the development of the company and a belief in pursuing success. It points out the orientation, spirit impetus, business philosophy of our company and helps every one of the staff strive for our common development.

The management concept of Qingdao Toplit Industry Co.,Ltd is: High quality,competitive price,professional service, serve global market.

Respect: each other different culture background in the work environment

Loyalty: for our long-term cooperation partner

Team spirit and fair: in all business aspects

Flexibility and adaptability: respond to customers needs 

We take “good faith,customers first,focus on quality,first-class service” and “credit first” as our marketing principles.

High-quality products, reasonable prices, professional service will be provided to you with international standards of modern& high-grade products. The goal of our company is to become the leader in domestic, the top company in the world.



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